Stredni odborna skola multimedialni a propagacni – Our School

We are a Secondary School of Multimedia, Graphic Design and Promotion. This school represents a perfect solution for everyone who wishes to improve his/her skills in painting, graphics, animation, working with video and photography techniques including manual and digital photography, promotion, advertisement and production. Our school unites student’s abilities and creativity in painting graphics, animation with knowledge of the most modern computer programs, photography techniques, professional video cameras, etc.

Our school keeps increasing its technical and material levels in order to offer a high quality and valuable education. Thanks to students, their parents, our supporters and of course all the school employees, our school has obtained the following prizes: In 2010 we received “A National Quality Prize” – The program Start Plus and an international quality certificate ISO 9001:2009. In 2014 we won a prestigious title “Excellent Organization in public sector” and the “European Prize of Quality EFQM”. In 2017 we obtained “A National Award of the Czech Republic for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development” and a prestigious european title“Commited to Sustainability (C2S)“. Thanks to these achievements, we are becoming a prestigious European school. Currently there are 380 students and 37 teachers.

We want to help students to broaden their interest in getting to know different cultures within improvement of cultural integration in EU. Understanding the cultural differences will help them to see how it works and how it looks in different countries. We believe that the project will encourage them to an effort of learning foreign languages improvement.