Montemor-o-Novo Schools Group

The Agrupamento de Escolas de Montemor-o-Novo includes all schools in the municipality: 8 kindergardens, 13 primary schools, 2 middle to high schools and a single board of direction. There are 261 teachers and 1721 learners in our group of schools.  

Our mission is to provide quality education that ensures equal opportunities, both in attendance and success, to all our learners, allowing them to become active and capable citizens, that value learning as an asset for life. We want to strengthen each student’s key competences and their willingness to persist on personal and social development and prepare them for an uncertain future, with vast international possibilities. 

We are a certified eTwinning School, Eco-School and Blue-School and an Erasmus + accredited organization. We offer a Learning Support Centre for students with special education needs, which includes a unity that addresses multi-disabilities, and a “Future (Technological) Classroom” open to the school community. 

Our learners come from contrasting contexts and, every so often, spend the whole day at school due to a low frequency of public transports and a high geographical dispersion of the municipality. In order to keep students motivated we started shifting teaching-learning methodologies, involving active student participation, based on the construction of knowledge, as well as an approach to guide them to increase levels of concentration, teaching them to observe, listen and reflect. Also, we provide different complementary and extracurricular activities, such as a STEAM Club (LABVivo), Environmental Club (ECOciência) European and Voluntary Club, Creative writing club, Inclusive club, Erasmus Club (Yes I Can), Erasmus + and eTwinning projects, Scholar sports etc. 

Given the complexity of today’s education we tend to work as an educational territory, where more than 40 local or regional partners, and several international ones, cooperate in the solution of emerging problems and enrich the educational experiences provided for our learners and community.