This LTT (Learning, Teaching, and Training) program was carried out in Slovakia with the participation of teachers and students from all partners except Norway, as well as administrative staff and teachers from the local partner. The topic of this LTT was “Digitalization and Job Skills.”

Content and Methodology:

Day 1: The participants were welcomed by the headmistress and vice headmistress of CSOŠE. Students and teachers took part in an ice-breaking activity to better know each other while project coordinators had a meeting with the school headmistress to learn about basic characteristics of CSOŠE. Presentations were made on “CISCO Networking Academy,” which is a specialty of the school and is related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Participants were informed about how IoT can change our future and what skills should be acquired in the future. The participants also visited the nearby Blumental Church and met with representatives of the Bratislava Archdiocese, which is the founder of the school. Another teacher of CSOŠE presented programming languages and the participants gained information on which programming languages will be in demand in the future. After visiting the school buildings, the participants went on a guided sightseeing tour of the Old City by City Train.

Day 2: A presentation on Cybersecurity was given, and participants were informed about the types of hacking and the importance of ensuring personal cybersecurity. Workshops focused on IoT Application and Custom T-shirt design were conducted, where theoretical information obtained from the presentation on IoT was applied in practice during the workshop. The participants also tried their hand at designing their own motif/image on a T-shirt.

Day 3: All participants took part in a one-day trip to visit the Driny Cave and Beekeeping Garden.

Day 4: All participants went on an excursion to the Vnet company, which provides cloud services. They were informed about clouds and saw how servers work. Then they visited the romantic ruin of Devín Castle.

Day 5: Participants took part in an excursion focused on digitalisation to Sensoneo – Smart Waste Management Company. They gained information on smart technology, sensors, and the use of IoT in life. They also visited Aurelium, which is a Science Experience Centre that combines a school, museum, and amusement park under one roof. Students were educated in a fun atmosphere through interactive exhibits using informal methods. In the evening, an evaluation meeting was held in the presence of the school headmistress, and “Participant Observation and Satisfaction” forms were filled out by all.

Results: The participants gained awareness about different employment needs, ensuring personal cybersecurity, designing networks, banners, animations, and IoT. They also increased their digital skills that should be acquired in the future, had the opportunity to meet each other closely, and improved their group study and language skills while understanding social, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity.