This LTT (Learning/Teaching/Training) was carried out in the Czech Republic, with teachers and students from partner schools as well as administrative staff, teachers, and students from the local partner school. The topic of the LTT was “Digitalization and Special Skills for Business.”

Content and Methodology:

Day 1: After being welcomed by the headmaster of the school, students and participants made presentations on their works and the results of their new activities in the project. They shared their previous experiences with newcomers. Participants then visited the hosting school and attended some lessons. During this tour, students and teachers had the chance to visit various ateliers, specialized studios, and talk to the teachers/students. The day’s activities ended with ice-breaking activities in Laser game, which helped strengthen relationships between participants and were successfully realized as a team-building activity.

Day 2: Three presentations were given about “What is digital literacy?” and accessing diverse and reliable media content (SK), “What is Augmented Reality?” (PL), and “Big Data-3 Vs- How can we manage?” (TR). A debate was carried out after all three topics were presented about reflections, new information, and their causality. A cultural visit of Prague was also realized at the end of the day, and all participants visited historical and cultural places in the city.

Day 3: Visiting cultural heritage and different museums was an all-day activity in the city of Český Krumlov. Participants and students from the hosting school visited special museums, such as a 3D museum, Wax museum, and Castle museum, and observed traditional architecture as part of European cultural heritage. They also learned about new digital trends in museum expositions.

Day 4: All teams joined a lecture and workshop on “Modelling with Cinema 4D” in the school’s specialized lab. All participants received information about skills that should be acquired in the future, including increasing digital skills with different implementations. Another part of the program involved learning new skills with 3D printing and practicing with the said software and hardware in the school’s specialized lab. All participants visited an interactive exposition about the history of film by the National film museum, gaining new experiences and knowledge about the physical base of film, optical, and digital technology used in cinematography.

Day 5: A workshop with Mixamo application was created by a professional concept artist in the specialized lab. Motion tracker applications were implemented by participant students during the workshop program by guiding an expert. Team leaders prepared the participant list and wrote the LTT report of mobility. The coordinating organization organized a Certificate Ceremony. After the activities, an evaluation meeting was held, and “Participant Observation and Satisfaction” forms were filled out by all.

Results: Participants improved their awareness of digital transformation, digital literacy, and the roles of digital transformation, developed digital content with different applications, and discovered creative uses of ICT.