Cirkevná stredná odborná škola elektrotechnická F.G. Frassatiho

Our school was established in 1994 after the abolition of the Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering on Teplická Street in Bratislava. The founder of CSOŠ PG Frassati is the Roman Catholic Church, Bratislava Archdiocese. The school operates in the area of ​​the Roman Catholic parish BLUMENTÁL. Our church school is named after a blessed young Italian engineer – a Christian, a friend of the youth and suffering fellow citizens of Pier Georgia FRASSATI. When our school was established, we started with only two classes, borrowed inventory, an old building, which had to be adapted to the needs necessary in the educational process. It was a period of intensive work, when all employees of the school helped so that we could open the school on September 1, 1994. And it happened. To this date, we have solemnly opened our Church Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering with two classes of students. At that time, it was said about us that we would disappear, that we did not have a chance to compete with renowned secondary vocational schools of electrical engineering. Today we have 10 classes. This is mainly because the school has a good reputation.  

 The Church Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering PG Frassati is located in the center of the city of Bratislava in two buildings on Vazova Street.    The school follows the Pedagogical-organizational instructions for schools and school facilities and state administration bodies in education in the Slovak Republic and the instructions and regulations of the Archbishop’s School Office and the founder. We teach according to valid teaching documents approved by our founder and the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. The study is free for all our students.

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